Spanning five generations, Beyond Diamond Rings (BDR) zeroes in on key women of an extended family of Partition’s Bhaibund migrants, once the Merchant Princes of Sindh, known for their then-global trade, ostentatious homes and fabulous women. BDR follows a family of women from Pre Partition...

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In India’s first historical novel that offers readers two different endings, MASTANI's second ending plugs all the holes left in traditional myths surrounding her. 25 years of research and 3 of writing reveal a dramatic tale that turns the entire Mastani dancing girl story on its head, ...

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What happens when women want more of life than offered to them? A sisterhood across generations takes on the tyranny of unwritten rules and customs. They do what has to be done without announcements of commencement or completion to find their own places in the sun.

Fascinating tales the...

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Silver Dreams

SILVER DREAMS is possibly India's first English fiction novel with a Silvers' couple center stage, instead of tucked into the sidelines.  I like to describe it as a book that has the pace of a thriller and the mood of a mellow second innings.

As it traverses great distances...

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