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Silver Dreams

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Kusum Choppra

Silver Dreams

SILVER DREAMS is possibly India's first English fiction novel with a Silvers' couple center stage, instead of tucked into the sidelines.  I like to describe it as a book that has the pace of a thriller and the mood of a mellow second innings.

As it traverses great distances from the Himalayas to Delhi, Mumbai, Thailand, Canada and finally the West Indies, Silver Dreams silently but surely closes in on the distance between the hearts of the aging lovers Kinnary and Rana. The lively exchanges happen as Rana woos Kinnary at a retirement home bringing to the fore dollops of humor and nostalgia, pathos and experience.

The book  is about Second Innings for a couple with bitter memories and estranged children. Their coming together is engineered by Kinnary’s son Kirti, in response to a medical crisis; she then traces Rana’s boys for him on Facebook.

That triggers off the travels, basically to draw the two families together into one extended circle. Responding to so many health and other crises along the way, Kinnary and Rana garner details of each other’s past, recognising where things went wrong and resolve to not let the past impinge on the renewing present.

the pace of a thriller and the mood of a mellow second innings

That’s what it’s all about!Plus some seriously incredible adventures, including a voodoo spell!   Mindlesshumor, for instance Kinnary’s daughter incredulously asking“You…you love Ma  as in Luv-shuv?” or Rana declaring “What a way to go. Smothered suckling a Yum Mum!”

Vintage music with Rana’s sexy voice and love of vintage songs, (a Silver Dreams Playlist in the offing); and bad memories being resolved in creative ways to rebuild life.  Obviously, lots of adventures, physical as well as emotional as an elderly couple go through what young couples face after the nasha of that choreographed weddingwears off and Realities of life have to be faced on all fronts.

Building a family always calls for hard work; rebuilding one from scratch -- obviously much more.With the longevity of modern marriage declining rapidly, how much chance does this second innings, that comes with its own baggage of two different families, marital disasters and past feelings of failure, stand?

Look out for Rana and Kinnary’s definitions of love, life and romance in this unique tale of resurrecting relationships against the odds of Hamare Tumhare.

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Where words leave off, music begins. And music touches us emotionally where mere words cannot. It is in the backdrop of music, with nature as accompaniment that encompasses love beyond logicality and practicality. Love is friendship that has caught fire, quiet understanding, sharing and forgiving… settling for less than perfection, with allowances for human weaknesses.Age cannot wither nor custom stale the infinite variety of love.

The novel Silver Dreams is a novel with a difference. With the much acclaimed Mastani to her credit, Kusum Chopra is an author with a difference…after historical research, comes a penchant for probing the recesses of the human mind and heart. … a pudding waiting to be eaten to know its real taste. 

-Prof. Indira Nityanand,  Prof. of English LIterature

Kusum Choppra ji's "Silver Dreams" is ahead of its time, path breaking in many ways. 
It's the tale of … older persons’ courage and initiative to challenge social mores  and inspire their Facebook and Skype generations. At places the novel is stunningly bold. 
It has the potential of an offbeat movie. But it needs a daredevil director for that.

-Mohammad Ahsan, Jan. 2017

Silver Dreams is a romantic novel with a feel of a thriller. Action packed, racy. A few love scenes belie the popular perception that elderly men and women do not cherish physical relationships.

The author draws out women’s inner thoughts about their aspirations and frustrations over husbands and children, through conversations between Rana and Kinnary’s friends.

Despite little mystery, drama, intrigues and plots, Silver Dreams compels the reader to follow the love story of Kinnary and Rana.

-Nachiketa Desai, Dec. 2016