Kusum Choppra


Cedar Books, 2010

Kusum Choppra


Spanning five generations, Beyond Diamond Rings (BDR) zeroes in on key women of an extended family of Partition’s Bhaibund migrants, once the Merchant Princes of Sindh, known for their then-global trade, ostentatious homes and fabulous women. BDR follows a family of women from Pre Partition Hyderabad Sindh to the four corners of the globe, down to the twenty first century, evolving from traditional home makers almost genetically coded to deal with day-to-day life without the presence of men into the New Indian Women dealing today’s issues, especially the daily inter-action with the men and the effects of that.


The inspiration for this book is undoubtedly my youngest daughter, Karrishma. When she grew out of the fairy and animal bedtime story stage, she latched on to demands about my childhood. As I dipped into past memories for her, I realized that my children knew very little about my childhood and community as mine had been a mixed marriage. Dredging up old memories developed over time into a novel that brought home to my children and my readers the world their Ma grew up in, that of the fabulous Merchant Princes of Sindh.

Book Reviews

"Good read about women making the best of situations and empowering each other. At times slow but just when I would start to loose interest, something would keep me tied."

Kanika on Goodreads

"Strong women and men, both positive and negative, sustain a ‘what next’ curiosity throughout the gripping narrative"

Swati Merh

“I found this book very different and interesting. The life of its characters and their sometimes painful and sometimes pleasant journey is well captured. Also the feel of different times from partition and post partition to modern times is very well etched and the book unveils aspects of a community which was never thought of before. A great effort and a wonderful story told in a bold and interesting manner. “

-Rashminder Kaur