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"Is it possible for male-female co-existence to be peaceful and non confrontational?

Let’s bring mirrors face-to-face.

Aaine ko aaine se Ruberu kar den.”

After decades in journalism, Kusum Choppra crash landed into creative writing, with a propensity to delve into patriarchal issues, the hallmark of our society.
A woman’s point of view, empathy in examining logically, and verbal emoting characterize her writing.
Journalism and other abiding interests provide a palette of hues and experiences to populate her writing, with books like the path breaking, myth shattering MASTANI, BEYOND DIAMOND RINGS on Sindhi women, NIRBHAYA & OTHERS WHO DARED and now, perhaps India’s first Silvers’ Romance SILVER DREAMS.

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What inspires me?

The sight of the countryside wheeling past from a train or a vehicle is very dear to me. That, for me, is the Real India that keeps people like us in our comfort zones. Descriptions of all manner, emotions, moods, seasons, homes and their reflection on their residents, the countryside, whatever. The sheer beauty of the variegated shades of green and brown never fails to move me.

I am always amazed by the incredible variety of India, her people, their clothes, their food, their customs, everything, so different and yet so similar; moving together for centuries since the beginning of time. An awesome thought; almost an emotional experience!

A major inspiration of stories is the “What IF” factor. I read a story, see a film or a serial episode and wonder: What if the character had not done what was depicted, but something else? How would the story then turn and twist? A new story is created. What, after all, is a story? An experience, personal, witnessed, heard about, read off – Just a single grain of sand, a kernel around which the author does verbal embroidery, leaving the reader guessing over what is fact and what fiction.


"Ismat Chugti has been my inspiration, for her patriarchy submerged, womencentric stories. I see and think of women as they would want to be and not how we have been formularized in imaginations." (interview in Beyond Sindh, a HongKong based Sindhi magazine).

Triumphantly lunatic laughter ricocheted through the eerie awed silence. (BDR)

“Look at the world straight in the eye, otherwise it’ll not allow you to live. Sharm haya (Modesty) is not only a woman’s ghehena (jewel). It can also become a death noose." (BDR)

“I have discovered this the hard way. Communication is vital; it is the lifeblood of a marriage. When communication stops, the marriage will be frozen – finally it dies. And God forbid, if a spark happens, it’ll burn and vanish. No ashes --- those happen when objects burn. Marriage is not a finite object." (Silver Dreams)

Was freedom from apartheid actually won without a blow? If the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi had been so effectively revived, why did the world not hear about it? ( on Nelson Mandela)

"Woh jisse hum Naasur kehte hain, hote woh waise kyon? Har rishtey ko sangeen banate, har typhaar ko pheeka aur har mithaas me karwahat bharte kyon?" (Kusum Choppra)