and others who dared


What happens when women want more of life than offered to them? A sisterhood across generations takes on the tyranny of unwritten rules and customs; They do what has to be done without announcements of commencement or completion To find their own places in the sun.

Fascinating tales then evolve….. Nirbhaya & Others Who Dared offers stories of hope, to women facing issues at home and outside, covering the gamut of gang rape, marriage, domestic violence, dowry deaths, divorce, incest, inheritance, duties & responsibilities, widowhood etc. Thinking out of the box brings different resolutions in their favor.

Nirbhaya fought against her attackers; those of this Nirbhaya are brought to justice and to the shame they deserve; she springs back to Humanhood, holding onto her space and her options. The book watches a burnt bride fighting back, to Life and to emotional freedom; widows and divorcées grasping their slices of life; a rural female headed household achieving prosperity; Pati Parmeshwar's monopoly on selecting surrogates stands challenged, along with many more insights into Oh Womaniya!

About Kusum Choppra

Feature 1

After a quarter century of news in The Week, Rajasthan Patrika, Sakal, Current and, came a burst of writing to express self.

NIRBHAYA, a compulsion to offer hope to traumatized Womanhood.

MASTANI, a passion to restore a woman's dignity.

BEYOND DIAMOND RINGS, (BDR) the sum total of conscious and unconscious memories, hard research, peeping into women's souls.

Next: KINNARY will be pure pleasure …. a first ever silvers romance, with hamare-tumhare intrusions.

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Feature 2

In India’s first historical novel that offers readers two different endings, MASTANI's second ending plugs all the holes left in traditional myths surrounding her. 25 years of research and 3 of writing reveal a dramatic tale that turns the entire Mastani dancing girl story on its head, from nuggets that egged me on, alongside my work as a journalist and as mother, with trips to Pune and its surroundings, Indore, Mhow to seek out Mastani's descendants, who till that point of time, had not delved into her history. Mr. Ahsaan Awara, a retired post master of Banda, with a lifetime in search of Mastani, was a mine of information for me. Ahsaan saab and Mr. Mabableshwarwalla, my schoolteacher, pushed me to start writing the story as it unspooled, despite not having reached the end of the search. They always argued that I had to start shaping up what was fresh in my mind before it went stale, as age crept up and might stall the book forever; already other controversies had emerged. A major one over the interpretation of the cause of the death of Baji Rao: was it merely a heat stroke or the end result of a deadly combine of alcohol withdrawal, a sense of betrayal by his entire family, deep depression caused by the absence of his beloved Mastani? and finally her untimely death? Unfortunately Ahsaan Saab who gave me his Mastani legacy did not live to read my Mastani, which was so welcomed by Mr. Mahableshwarwalla. 

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Feature 2

Spanning five generations, Beyond Diamond Rings (BDR) zeroes in on key women of an extended family of Partition’s Bhaibund migrants, once the Merchant Princes of Sindh, known for their then-global trade, ostentatious homes and fabulous women. BDR follows a family of women from Pre Partition Hyderabad Sindh to the four corners of the globe, down to the twenty first century, evolving from traditional home makers almost genetically coded to deal with day-to-day life without the presence of men into the New Indian Women dealing today’s issues, especially the daily inter-action with the men and the effects of that.

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